About us
Baltic Energy Group is solely dedicated to renewable energy and aims to reduce the dependence on hydrocarbons by providing access to clean energy. The existing focus is mainly on wind, but solar, biomass, and hydropower energy power plants and projects in the energy market of Italy, are also on our palet. The source of renewable energy is fast growing. We invite you to join us in accelerating this progress as we continue to develop clean energy plants that benefit the world at large.

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Our Local Partners

For the Baltic Energy Group it is a paramount strategic principle that we involve ourselves in a committed and responsible way in the local communitywhere our projects are located. Our Local Partners is therefore key in our network, since the liaison with landowners, local authorities, regional authorities and local organizations and associations on a more or less daily basis.

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Our Projects
Since 1999, the Baltic Energy Group has capitalized on its extensive experience to plan, develop and design wind plants. 158 MW of our projects are fully in operation, 70 MW fully permitted and are under construction/at the start of construction. Finally 770 MW are under development. Recently we have entered in the field of Biomass and Solar energy, and we have 13 Biomass plants and 2 Solar energy plants under development. 1 Solar project is fully permitted.

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